Membership Benefits


"I'm thrilled that I have found such excellent instructors at such a convenient location and affordable price. I would not be able to take several classes a week if it were not for MSAC, and I think its is making a difference for my physical condition and ability to navigate the icy streets in winter." -MSAC Member

About MSAC

We are a lively place to gather for classes, to engage with others, to share a meal-and we are re-opening for some in-person programs this summer after a long pandemic closing that put most online! We offer a wide variety of events, activities and programs relating to health, arts, travel, crafts, recreation, and education.

Become a New Member!

Complete our Membership Form (PDF), or stop by our facility at 58 Barre Street. 

Did you know? Membership benefits include

    * Best access to high-demand classes
    * Lower class fees on programs open to the public
    * Financial aid for annual dues and program fees
    * Discounts at many area fitness, dance studios
    * MSAC’s monthly newsletter, Active Times, by USPS or email
    * MSAC’s computer lab and member printer
    * Savoy DVD archive collection housed at MSAC
    * Use of MSAC’s office Xerox for copying

    NEW: Technology device lending library!
    • Goal Start Date is Spring 2022 and it will be FREE to members
    • Training and ongoing support included
    • More details coming this spring!

    For members & non-members:

    * Dozens of weekly classes and drop-in groups
    * FEAST Senior Meals
    * Health clinics, educational presentations, and special events
    * MSAC’s weekly e-letter and monthly newsletter by email, including links to area resources and community partner services
    * MSAC’s facility, lounge, resource library, bookshelves and kitchenette/coffee/tea area
    * New MSAC at Home services like technology training and chore assistance
    * Participation in a diverse, welcoming community of over 1500 fellow seniors

Pro-rated Dues and Financial Aid

MSAC membership dues are an annual expense and are not pro-rated until the 4th quarter of the membership year (April 2021 – June 2021), at which time the dues are discounted 50% to join for only the 4th quarter.  Residents of Montpelier and MSAC’s six supporting towns are eligible to request financial aid to help cover annual membership dues.  Members of all towns are eligible to request financial aid for class and trip fees. Financial aid applications may be requested in the office or printed online from the link below. 

Membership was waived in summer 2020, and all members were automatically renewed. For the membership year about to start July 1, 2021, dues are just $25 per year for Montpelier residents, $40 for residents of supporting towns (Berlin, Calais, East Montpelier, Middlesex, Moretown, Worcester), or $60 for all others. More on fee policies for various towns' residents can be read here. Our membership year runs from July 1-June 30. 

Financial aid is available for membership for residents of Montpelier and our six supporting towns (Berlin, Calais, East Montpelier, Middlesex, Moretown, and Worcester). Click here for our Financial Aid Application Form (PDF). 

Looking to renew your membership?

Our membership year runs from July 1-June 30. We look forward to serving you again in our current membership year. A mailing is going out May 17 to all recent members, but if you misplace or don't receive yours, or it's been a while since you joined, click here (PDF to print and mail)
Two members of the Montpelier Senior Activity Center reviewing notes