Montpelier Senior Activity Center Advisory Council

MSAC Governance Policies & Procedures

The MSAC Advisory Council meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 2 PM in the Montpelier Senior Activity Center at 58 Barre Street. Please see the City of Montpelier's Agendas & Minutes calendar for upcoming meeting dates and agendas. Agendas and previous minutes are available prior to the meetings, and Zoom links for phone or video are available by contacting

Recent Meeting Dates, Agendas & Minutes: 

MSAC Town Hall

August 2023

On August 17, 2023, MSAC held a hybrid Town Hall for members and the public about the future of the Center and how it could be improved. There were four framing questions that participants were asked to frame their comments on, and these were:

    1. What services should MSAC offer its members?

    2. What benefits should MSAC offer its members and supporting town residents?

    3. What needs to be changed at MSAC?

    4. What should be the top two priorities at MSAC?

We thank everyone who came either in person or on Zoom to this meeting. You can watch the recordings of both meetings below (once released). 

If you would to gain more context about the financials and other information about the Senior Center, please read the Programmatic Performance Review Assessment from the MSAC Town Hall!

While there is work to be done, there is also opportunity. The City Manager’s Office is committed to ensuring that MSAC is supported, sustainable, and meets its mission and purpose.

The leadership team will be working on the following (in no particular order):

  • Increasing Membership and value of benefits.
  • Evaluation of Membership fee structure.
  • Increased support of and for member Towns.
  • Focus on fundraising through grants and sponsorships.
  • Evaluate programs (classes offered and fee structure).
  • Evaluate FEAST, funding and staffing profile.
  • Back to basics, office operations and community connection.

The Town Hall meeting is just one opportunity, of many, for input. To date, we have convened an internal team to conduct a programmatic performance audit in the areas identified above. Throughout the process, we will be working with members to get input and will be briefing the Advisory Council every step of the way. This effort is underway and will be complete this fall.

Members of the MSAC Advisory Council (July 2023 - June 2024)

  • Christopher Ackerman
  • Heather Bailey
  • Mary Carlson
  • Gail Carrigan
  • Kris Clark
  • Barbara Dall
  • Dianne Maccario, Chair
  • Laura Morse
  • Suzanne Swanson, Vice Chair
  • Rick Winston

Members are elected to two-year terms and elections occur each spring, with nominations due in late Winter. Refer to Governance Policies & Procedures for more information. 

Next MSAC Advisory Council Meeting Date & Agenda

See date and agendas for the next meeting on the Agendas & Minutes calendar.

Committees of the MSAC Advisory Council

There are four standing committees of MSAC's Advisory Council, and members at large are invited to participate. To learn more, contact

  • Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Membership & Hospitality
  • Program

Check out our FY24 Budget Video below!

Montpelier Senior Activity Center (MSAC) building