Historic Documents

Economic Impact Analysis
Development Partner - Request for Proposals
Request for Proposals (RFP) (PDF): In January 2014 this RFP was issued to the 2 qualified respondents to the RFQ - DEW and Redstone. Their proposals are linked here:
On March 11, 2014 a public meeting was held for the potential development partners to present their proposals to the Design Committee and the public (PDF).

RFP Background Materials
On January 14, 2014 a public meeting was held with the qualified potential development partners to review the RFP and answer questions. In response to requests, additional information is provided here:
Preliminary Plans 
Carr Lot Preliminary Plans (Prepared February 2012, 10.4 MB PDF): A Public Meeting was held Wednesday, July 6, 2005, 7 p.m., at City Hall to Consider the Montpelier Multi-Modal Transit and Welcome Center Environmental Assessment

The City of Montpelier, in association with the Federal Transit Agency as Lead Agency and the Federal Highway Administration as a Cooperating Agency, announced the availability of an Environmental Assessment (EA) of the proposed Montpelier Multi-modal Transit and Welcome Center for public review and comment. An electronic copy of the EA can be downloaded from the links below.

The EA assesses the potential impacts of the four main elements of the Montpelier Multi-modal Transit and Welcome Center:
  • The purchase of the Carr Lot on Taylor Street for development as the Transit Center
  • The development of the Transit Center itself
  • The extension of the Winooski West shared use path from its current eastern end on Taylor Street across the Transit Center site and across the railroad and new pedestrian/bicycle bridge over the North Branch River to the existing paved areas on the east side of the River
  • The development of “Confluence Park” on the eastern portion of the site at the confluence of the Winooski and North Branch Rivers
Carr Lot Environmental Assessment
Prepared June 2005:
Figures Appendixes Parking Replacement Study
The Carr Lot Committee calculated that approximately 130 parking spaces would be displaced with the construction of a welcome and multi-modal transit center and park. Wilbur Smith Associates was hired in 2004 to study alternative locations within the downtown to accommodate this displaced parking. Through a process of elimination, analysis, and public input, two sites remained as potential locations for a parking structure that would accommodate the displaced parking. Below are links to their report and its associated attachments.

Final Carr Lot Replacement Parking Report & Attachments

Bike Path Conceptual Alignment Analysis
In December 2002, Wilbur Smith Associates completed the conceptual alignment analysis for the continuation of the Winooski West Bike Path, which studies the range of potential routes for continuing the bike path from where it ends at Taylor Street, across the Carr Lot, over the North Branch River, to Main Street, and ultimately connecting to the Winooski East Bike Path on Stone Cutters Way. A key part of this path segment is expected to be included in the multi-modal transit center/confluence park project. 

Capital District Master Plan
The CDMP, adopted by the City Council, Montpelier Planning Commission, and City-State Commission, in 2000, created a greenway plan for the Winooski Riverfront Corridor and addressed the feasibility of a multi-modal transportation center and visitor center.

This Plan was developed with the input and involvement of numerous parties including representatives from the State of Vermont, the City of Montpelier, many public and private organizations, and a wide range of citizens.

Master Plan Downloads
Natural Resource Inventory & Open Space Plan
The Montpelier Conservation Commission and the City Parks department are in the process of completing a Natural Resource Inventory and Open Space Plan that identifies, maps, and prioritizes parcels of land in Montpelier for future preservation. The Carr Lot property is part of this inventory and a related Views and Vistas report identifies the Carr Lot as having very high visual importance.

Montpelier Open Space Plan
Bond Issue Ballot Item
A petition to get this bond issue on the ballot was signed the required number of registered voters and passed at the March 2002 Annual meeting by a citywide vote of 1,286 to 1,042. As a result, the City Council has been authorized to bond for up to $800,000 for the acquisition and redevelopment of the Carr Lot.