Duties & Responsibilities

As outlined in the agreement between the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation and the City of Montpelier, the Montpelier Historic Preservation Commission (MHPC) has the following duties:
  • To create and maintain a system for the survey and inventory of historic properties within its jurisdiction that is coordinated with the Vermont Historic Sites and Structures Survey and the Vermont Archeological Inventory
  • To prepare in coordination with and submit to the Division a report concerning properties within the Local Government which are under consideration for nomination for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. The report shall be prepared in a manner consistent with relevant provisions of the National Historic Preservation Act
  • To cooperate with the Division with respect to the Division's monitoring and evaluation of the CLG Program
  • To adopt conflict of interest rules in connection with its Historic Preservation Program which incorporate the detailed requirements set out in the National Register Programs Guidelines, Chapter 3
  • To submit an annual report on or before the thirtieth day after the end of the City's Fiscal Year

City Initiative Support

The CLG program will also support (financially and otherwise) a wide range of initiatives that the City has been anticipating for a number of years but has lacked the capacity and resources to undertake. The list of projects that will help protect and improve Montpelier's built environment and historic resources is very long. Examples include:
  • Updating the design guidelines and standards of the Design Control District, including the district's boundaries
  • Improving Montpelier's lighting standards
  • Developing public information materials (print and Web-based) to promote the protection of Montpelier's significant architectural resources
  • Updating Montpelier's sign regulations
  • Initiating public events to draw attention to Montpelier's historic resources
  • Many other ideas and activities designed to draw attention to, protect, enhance, and/or appreciate Montpelier's historic resources
For additional information, please view the MHPC Rules of Procedure (PDF).