2002 - 2007 Report Highlights

The Montpelier Housing Task Force was organized in 1999 in order to gather and evaluate information regarding housing trends in the City, develop responses to housing concerns that are identified, and recommend housing policies to City Government.

Goal Statement
Montpelier is experiencing the loss of residential opportunities and the lack of safe, decent, and affordable housing. We seek to preserve and enhance residential opportunities in Montpelier for households of all income levels. Working with community residents, City staff and elected officials, landlords and financial institutions, and community organizations we will:
  1. Inventory existing housing stock and document changes in the supply and demand in the city, keeping in mind that office and retail space is limited as well
  2. Gain a better understanding of the complex issues affecting the quantity and quality of the city’s housing
  3. Recommend activities to increase housing in the city
  4. Recommend strategies that protect against the loss of housing in the city
  5. Increase the public’s participation in city housing issues