2003 - 2004 Report to City Council

The Housing Task Force (HTF) has suggested housing alternatives and worked closely with City staff on the following items:
  • Articles
  • Availability
  • Condition
  • Consumer choice
  • Grant proposals
  • Health and protection
  • Location and safety of homes in Montpelier
  • Ordinances
  • Studies
  • Workshops
  • Zoning and subsidies related to the cost
In addition, for the 1st time in many years, there has been real progress on newly constructed, multi-family housing. Among the many actions taken by the City, we highlight the following:

Development - New Homes & Housing Options
  • HTF (Elmo Cecchini) proposes Home Share Program for Central Vermont; HTF writes proposal and Montpelier application funded by CDBG , 2003, Home Share funded by Legislature in 2004
  • HTF and City encourage local private, public and nonprofit developers to commence important housing and community development projects (Dickey Block, River Station and CVCLT homeownership and scattered site)
  • HTF supports (higher density) zoning amendment for lower Barre Street, GB to CB II, Letter to Planning Commission July 7, 2003
  • HTF meets with Union Institute to encourage partnership with CVCLT on sale of buildings near College Green, February 26, 2004
  • HTF facilitates successful grant application to Smart Growth Collaborative for HTF ‘One More Home Campaign’ spring 2004.
  • HTF supports CDBG Grant for River Station Project (now involving CVCLT), spring 2004
  • Housing Preservation Loan Program. In September of 2002, the City was awarded a $50,000 grant from Rural Development providee early 100 renovation loans to low and moderate income Montpelier homeowners. Another application for Rural Development funds pending
  • Westview Meadows - 52 units elders (36 independent,16 assisted) nearing completion, 2003-04. HTF heard a presentation from the developers but was not asked to participate in permitting
Outreach, Education & Housing Reports
  • HTF Breakfast with Business Leaders to Discuss Housing in Montpelier, New England Culinary Institute , April 2003
  • HTF Member writes Times Argus Commentary, “Solving Area’s High Cost of Housing is Crucial to Keeping Economy Going” April 2003
  • HTF Works with Housing Awareness Campaign in Central Vermont, 2003
  • HTF Agenda Posted on City of Montpelier Web Page, 2003
  • HTF Presentation to Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission, 2003
  • CVCLT AmeriCorps member Clare Bootle continues good work in 2003-04
  • HTF presents Affordable Housing 101 Workshop, January 20th 2004
  • HTF meets with Mayoral Candidate Marge Powers and Progressive Coalition, January 28, 2004
  • HTF Creates LISTSERV “Montpelierhousingtaskforce”, Yahoo Group, March 2004
  • HTF writes Housing Series for Montpelier Bridge, March - April 2004
  • City of Montpelier completes Housing Inventory and Needs Assessment, 2003
Planning & Zoning
  • HTF Presented Sabins Pasture Alternative Zoning Amendment Proposal to Planning Commission (on city WebPages) April 17, 2003
  • HTF Testifies before City Council on Sabins Pasture Interim Zoning, May 2003
  • HTF supported density for Lendway Project, discussed above, July 20, 2003
  • HTF participates in affordable housing roundtable at city hall
  • HTF presents to Montpelier Planning Commission, October 14 and 17, 2003
  • HTF writes to Washington County Senators positive changes to Chapter 117, conditional use, ancillary apartments and inclusionary zoning, February 2004
Homelessness Prevention & Consumer Protections
  • HTF writes Fire Safety Inspection Program Brochure, City mails, 2002
  • HTF proposes and finds sponsor for Rental Opportunity Center - Central Vermont Community Action Council, July 20, 2003
  • HTF talk to Fire Chief about cost impact of Sprinkler Ordinance on affordability of single-family homes, February 2004
  • HTF writes letter to City Council proposing revolving fund for lower income homeowners unable to afford the cost of sprinklers, (unfinished), March 2004
  • Property Taxation, Municipal Spending and Governance
  • HTF writes “Property Taxes, Rebates and Prebates - Q and A about Municipal and School Taxes” The Montpelier Bridge, November 2003
  • HTF supports City Council funding for the Department of Planning and Development, 1/2004