2007 Ongoing Activities

  • March 2007: City Voters approve a 3rd year of funding for Housing Trust Fund
  • April 2007: Council proclaims week of April 22nd as “Affordable Housing Week”, Local Housing Awareness Campaign; $250 Grant from VHFA
  • June 2007: River Station Condominiums completed; 10 sold as of September
  • August 2007: Council approves $52,000 HTF award to CVCLT rental project (Bianchi)
  • September 2007: City receives Smart Growth Vermont Award for Accessory Apartment Program
Central Vermont faces a growing problem with youth who are threatened with loss of housing, education and employment or are homeless.

Vermont Interfaith Action
This year, the Task Force will finally explore collaboration with the faith community on affordable housing.

Development Goals and Objectives
As the Task Force continues to work on the Master Plan Housing Element, we will work with the community, council and city staff to consider annual production goals for housing including, but not limited to, affordable homeownership units, affordable rentals, transitional housing, and shelters. Though Montpelier needs to protect its existing housing stock, it may also be helpful to have specific units goals against which to measure our progress.

Sabins Pasture
Since the Trust for Public Land has negotiated an Option Agreement, the conversation about housing and conservation on Sabin’s Pasture continues.