Restorative Justice Programs & Services

The Restorative Approach

The restorative approach to conflict and crime emphasizes repairing the harm done to people and relationships rather than assigning blame and doling out punishment. This approach is based on the premise that conflict provides an opportunity to promote civic engagement, build community, and restore relations.

The MCJC presents conflict skills development classes, community forums, and workshops on topics related to crime and conflict to increase citizen capacity to manage individual disputes and be informed participants in resolving community problems.

Transitional Housing Program

Transitional Housing serves as short-term housing where people returning to the community from incarceration can reside for a few to several months until they find a job and residence of their own. While in transitional housing, participants also commit to the CoSA program for a minimum of one year. MCJC holds leases on two transitional housing apartments that each serve one person at a time. The program also assists sine people with finding their own residence while still incarcerated, provided they will have income upon release (the program participant signs a lease directly with the landlord).