Conflict Assistance Program 

If you are having differences with others about:
  • Barking or roaming dogs
  • Boundaries or permits
  • A neighbor's noise, light, or odors
  • Parking, snow removal, or shared driveways
  • Rental issues
  • Other concerns
If you're tired of avoiding the situation or arguing without resolution and you would like:
  • Less stress and worry
  • A more productive conversation
  • A solution that works
  • Better communication in the future
Maybe we can help. Our mediators:
  • Listen and guide people in thinking through their options
  • Act as a go-between to open up communication
  • Find a comfortable way for people to come together and talk about solutions to the problem
  • Follow through until everyone agrees that the matter is settled

Two Women Having an Intense Conversation

What We Do

The Conflict Assistance Program provides a mediator to listen to the story of your conflict and related concerns. The mediator asks questions that help you think through your options. Some people just want to talk through their conflict with the mediator as a way to figure out how best to approach and communicate with those they are in conflict with. Some seek guidance regarding conflict resolution techniques. Others choose to have the mediator help set up and mediate a face-to-face conversation with the people with whom they are in conflict to help them talk through and seek resolution for the conflict. 

 "I saw a huge problem melt away." 

How Mediation Helps

A mediator, who is neither involved in the conflict nor impacted by the outcome, acts as a go-between to support everyone equally to talk about what is important to them and listen and learn about the other person's reality. Recognizing that it can be difficult to talk with people when you disagree with them as anger, disappointment, and other emotions take over, the mediator, who is neither involved in the conflict nor impacted by the outcome, acts as a go-between. Her job is to support everyone equally to feel as comfortable as they can, talk about what is important to them, and listen and learn about the other person's reality. By keeping people focused on the problem at hand, a difficult conversation becomes more productive and people in conflict are able to increase their understanding, be clear about their needs, negotiate, and reach agreements they can live with.

"It was a very volatile situation . . . and now there is a really nice sense of community."

Who We Serve

This program is available for those who have community-based conflicts: with neighbors; between landlords and tenants; regarding neighborhood or community issues; as an alternative to fighting; etc.

Why It Works

The solutions you create with others have a better chance of working than decisions handed by down by courts or other authorities. You can settle the matter faster and without the expense of a lawsuit.

"I learned that I contribute to conflict more than I was aware of. I need to sit back and listen...conflict really does provide opportunity."

What It Costs

There is no cost if at least one person is a Montpelier resident. It starts with a phone call. Call Carol Plante at 802-522-5566 or for a confidential conversation. We'll listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and offer you choices about how to use our services.