Zoning Permits

"Unless specifically exempted in these regulations (See Chapter 100), all land development in the City of Montpelier requires a zoning permit issued in accordance with these regulations."

                     Zoning and Subdivision Regulations

If you are thinking about building something, changing the use or making design changes on your property, and you have an idea of your project, it is advisable to contact the Planning office before your detailed plans are prepared and you submit application forms.

We can look up your property and give you a detailed list of what will be required to complete your project.  Depending on the zoning district, and any potential overlay districts, you are in there may be a variety of requirements that you may or may not be aware of.

A Development Permit is required for every project and additional attachments will be required depending on the development.

Development Permit must be filled out for EVERY application.

River Hazard Area Permit for EVERY project in the Floodplain or River Corridor