Maps & GIS

These maps are 8.5 by 11 inches, unless otherwise specified.

Interactive Online Parcel Maps - (Updated April 2017)

GIS Data

There are several websites that you can use to view the City of Montpelier GIS data. For property information, we have an Interactive online Property map. Sign in as a guest. Use the Map Layers tab on the top left of the screen to add helpful layers to your map. Search by name, address, or parcel ID. Once you have located the address, click the property ID and then you can view the property card. For floodplain information specific to a location go to the FEMA Flood Map Service center. Where it says Search by address on the left, type in the address you are interested in, and enter. Below the search are three choices; view, save, and interactive map. If you use the interactive map you can manipulate it to the extent that you need. The Vermont E911 Viewer is another excellent mapping tool. if you go to the layers tab on the bottom left (looks like a pile of paper) of the screen you have many helpful layers; parcels, flood, topography, etc. The Vermont Natural Resources Atlas is an extremely helpful GIS tool. The Atlas also has the layers tab on the bottom left that opens up all of the options for your map viewing.  


If you have any questions about how to use these sites or would rather have the City make you a map, please email, call, or stop by the Planning Department.

 Please call 802-223-9506 or email Audra Brown at