Other Plans Studies

Capital District Master Plan

The City of Monptelier and the State of Vermont, working jointly through the City-State Commission, developed the Capital District Master Plan in an effort to identify, encourage, and coordinate mutually beneficial development plans for the Capitol Complex, downtown Montpelier, and the Winooski River corridor.

Completed in 2000 and endorsed by the City Council, Planning Commission, City-State Commission and others, the Capital District Master Plan (PDF) presents recommendations and concepts for meeting the State's projected office space needs, establishing a greenway along the Winooski River, and considering numerous physical improvements to improve pedestrian and vehicular circulation and stimulate downtown redevelopment.

The Capital District Master Plan can also be downloaded in PDF format by individual sections:

Stormwater Master Plan (2016)

River Environment Plan

Enhancing our River Environment (PDF) is a proposed plan for the management of the Winooski Riverbank Vegetation in Montpelier. This report was produced by the Montpelier River Corridor Restoration Committee in July 2002. The plan grew out of recognition that the Winooski River and its tributaries require a long-range vision and consistent attention. Implementation of these recommendations should help to reduce riverbank erosion, mitigate threats of flooding, and fulfill the river's potential as an outstanding natural resource.

Montpelier Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan

Although the city government, state government, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency have constructed flood mitigation devices, enacted legislation, and initiated numerous activities and programs designed to mitigate flooding and flood damage to the city, the threat of flooding and flood damage remains significant. The Montpelier Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan (PDF), adopted in 1998, presents strategies to mitigate future flood losses in the event a flood does occur.

Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

The City of Montpelier worked with the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission to identify hazards, analyze past and potential future losses due to natural and human-caused disasters, and identify strategies for mitigating future losses. This is called a Local Hazard Hazard Mitigation Plan (PDF).