Welcome to Montpelier

Picture of City hall in the fall
Montpelier has the distinction of being the smallest state capital in the United States, with a population of just over 8,000 people.  It's a small town with big city amenities - a lively arts and music scene, great restaurants (largely due to the presence of the New England Culinary Institute), excellent schools, and an active community life - there are lots of opportunities to participate in local government, recreation, the faith and wisdom communities, and healthy lifestyles.
Who are we?

Every day we serve the people of the Green Mountain State. As the seat of Vermont’s government, the decisions made in this smallest of capitals impact the entire state. Leaders who started here have gone on to become national figures, yet they remain tied to this place we call home. Most importantly the decision makers here are our neighbors and friends. You might bump into the Governor at a local restaurant, a Senator enjoying the Farmers Market, or the Mayor on a stroll through downtown. Here we practice democracy in personal form, we are not afraid to disagree without being disagreeable, and the product of our work is a community that can make all Vermonters proud.  

Every day we serve up the arts. We offer an artistic environment on the caliber of much larger cities. Whether it is the showing of an independent film, a live production on stage, artists in our galleries, or sculpture in the street, art infuses our everyday life. We celebrate the arts with festivals and welcome with open arms the talented students that come here to learn at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. 

Every day we serve up the fine food and drink of a state renowned for our connection of farm to table. Our restaurants are an eclectic mix of fine dining and casual fare where cuisine both familiar and exotic come together. Our farmers market is a showcase of the bounty of our land. And as home to the New England Culinary Institute, we are a place where the culinary arts are honed each day.

Every day we serve up customer service. We have the largest collection of independent businesses in central Vermont. Our downtown hearkens to a time when a grocer, a hardware store, and a pharmacist were staples in the community. Add to this our specialty shops where one-of-a-kind finds are offered in an array of places that would rival the shopping in some of America’s most sophisticated downtowns. 

Every day we serve up recreation. It is in this capital city that can you go on a hike on the mountain behind the gilded dome of the State House, hop on a bike path or offroad trail in the heart of downtown, enjoy parks unrivaled in beauty, and can be on the slopes in the time it takes most folks to get out of their neighborhood. We cherish the outdoors and continually look for opportunities to preserve our environment in innovative ways.

Every day we serve our young people. We cherish our children and know that in a world that is changing, our community is still a place where kids can walk downtown and neighbors look after neighbors. We are deeply proud of our schools where our children not only learn but also become engaged as citizens in this most unique of places. 

Every day Montpelier serves. People come here to do the work of the people and to take care of one another. We do it all with pride in the Green Mountain State. Ours is a city that couples the ideals that Americans cherish in a small town with innovation and energy rarely found in a community of 8,000. We invite you to visit, experience, or stay in Montpelier, America’s Small Town Capital and a place where we serve Vermont daily.