Berlin & River Streets Water Main

River Street Background
Water Project
This project is necessary to provide a reliable source of water along River Street and on the Barre-Montpelier Road. Prior to this upgrade, adequate fire protection could not be provided along River Street due to the undersized lines. The new River Street water main connects to the Route 2/302 main that was installed in 2005.

Sewer Project
The portion of the sewer on River Street that will be replaced is 12 inch diameter clay tile pipe. There is an 18 inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe that connects to this line on both the upstream and downstream sides. It is one of the oldest mainline sewers in the City and is undersized for the volume of flow it takes from both the Montpelier and the Berlin pump stations. The occasional odors present in this area have been attributed to this portion of the sewer becoming air locked.

Berlin Street Background
A 16 inch water main was installed several years ago to the bottom of Berlin Hill and extends to the Montpelier Water Treatment Facility. This main was connected to the existing 8 inch water main near Granite Street. By extending the new 16 inch line to where the Memorial Drive water project ended in 2004 near School Avenue, a reliable and sufficient flow of water can be provided to the Downtown and Northfield Street area.

In addition to the capacity upgrades needed, the existing water mains were in very poor condition. They were installed sometime in the 1940’s and the Cities crews have had to repair multiple breaks in the line over the past few years.

Why Now?
The City is pushing to complete these projects this year because a large State paving project is scheduled to take place in the summer of 2009. In addition, the reconstruction of the Route 2 / Route 302 intersection is planned to start towards the end of this summer and continue into 2009. By having these infrastructure improvements completed this summer, the trenches required to install the utilities will have time to settle over the next year and the new pavement will last longer. Paving is an expensive portion of roadway maintenance and repairing aging and undersized utilities ahead of full width roadway surfacing is economical management.

Project Timeline

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Additional Information

For more information, please contact the Montpelier Public Works Department.