Building Inspector / Health Officer

The Building Inspector and Health Officer is a Division of the Montpelier Planning and Community Development Department. One full-time Building Inspector/Deputy Health Officer staffs the division.

Building, Fire & Life Safety Codes

The City of Montpelier has adopted Building, Fire, and Life Safety Codes that apply to all properties including single-family owner-occupied homes. These codes are enforced through inspections conducted as part of the building permit process, in public buildings when complaints are received, or on a routine basis. All issued Building Permits require a new Certificate of Occupancy to be issued; the inspections required will be noted in the Building Permit Letter.

Building Inspector Duties

The Building Inspector Enforces the Vermont Fire and Building Safety Code 2012 (PDF) under contract with the State Division of Fire Safety for all new and existing public buildings except daycare, healthcare, detention and correctional and residential board and care facilities, state-owned buildings, high-rise buildings and the testing and reporting of fire protection systems by technically qualified people.

The Montpelier Building and Fire Code 2018 (PDF) is adopted by City Ordinance. To help save lives and property the City of Montpelier has adopted amendments that require the installation of fire sprinklers in all new construction, for all changes of use, and for some additions to structures. The City offers a tax credit to qualifying buildings with fire sprinklers installed and properly maintained. Please complete the Sprinkler Tax Credit Application (PDF). to see if you qualify.

Health Officer Duties

The Health Officer responds to complaints and proactively acts to protect the community from public health threats. Regular activities include rental housing, rabies and animal bites, garbage control and rats, mold complaints, lead abatement issues, carbon monoxide and smoke complaints, water supplies, septic tanks, and restaurant inspections. Special situations also involve the Health Officer when they occur. The Health Officer works under the authority of the Vermont Department of Health.

2017 Report

In 2017, 210 building permits were processed and inspections were performed as needed to support those efforts. 26 of the permits were issued for PV solar arrays.   Also in 2017, the City Council passed a nuisance ordinance which was used with the assistance of the Building Inspector to order the demolition of two vacant buildings in Montpelier.