elaine-casap-qgHGDbbSNm8-unsplash (1)It’s been quite a year! Stay-at-home orders, program, class and event cancellations, and what seems like new challenges and changes every day. One thing that hasn’t changed is MSAC’s commitment to providing nutritious and delicious meals to those who need them. Since Governor Scott’s March 24th stay-at-home order, MSAC has served nearly 11,000 FEAST meals to area older adults. Think about that for a moment, 300 meals a week ensuring your neighbors and friends were getting enough to eat during this unprecedented time. The value of this can’t be over-stated, and it sure helped us sleep better at night knowing that this critical need was being met despite the pandemic.

Won’t you consider making a tax-deductible, year-end donation, big or small, to help us continue this vital work? Every dollar helps.


jd-mason-cKT0oJL9vMI-unsplashLike for so many, the unprecedented year of 2020 has disoriented us, and we find ourselves searching for ways to regain some connectedness. We are proud that MSAC has been able to serve as a resource for our community this year. Whether through the hundreds of hours of classes and meals, the dozens of community partners and resources with whom we have connected you, or through the phone calls to check in, what a relief it has been to know that we are extending a virtual hand and offering connection. Knowing that MSAC is providing opportunities to reduce loneliness and isolation makes us feel more connected to all of you.

Won’t you consider making a tax-deductible, end-of-year donation, big or small, to help us continue this critical work? Every dollar helps.