Reparative without Probation

A person sentenced to Reparative without Probation (RWP) by the Court must complete a restorative process. The person who offended is not placed on probation at this time; however, the judge schedules a status conference for 90 days after sentencing and determines and records the sentence to be imposed should the person who offended fail to complete the RWP program. 

The MCJC accepts people who admit to the offense and who are willing to try to make amends. There is a $50 administrative fee. The person who offended meets with staff at the MCJC and is scheduled for a Restorative Justice Panel meeting in the community where the offense occurred. 

If the person sentenced to RWP does not complete the program or the MCJC deems the case inappropriate for a restorative process, it is returned to the court where the predetermined sentence is imposed.