Winter Parking Ban

Winter Parking Flyer

Parking is allowed overnight on City streets except when the City Manager calls for a Winter Parking Ban due to inclement weather or snow removal activities (City ordinance Sec. 10-713.)  When a Winter Parking Ban is in effect, parking will be prohibited between the hours of 1:00 AM and 7:00 A.M. on all City streets.

A Winter Parking Ban may be declared when a predicted weather event or planned snow removal activities will require City Public Works crews to have clear access to the streets and sidewalks as determined by the Street Supervisor and City Manager. Every effort will be made to notify residents of a Winter Parking Ban by 6:00 P.M.  This means that if it is a Tuesday afternoon and the winter ban is called, then parking is prohibited starting at 1 AM on Wednesday (early morning, after midnight on Tuesday). 

When a Parking Ban is in effect, cars parked on City streets will be ticketed and towed to allow Public Works staff to plow or salt the roads.  Failure to remove a vehicle from a city street may result in a $15 ticket and a $85 towing charge.  Vehicles may park in the designated areas on Stone Cutters Way, in the Pitkin Parking Lot, or in the Blanchard Court Lot behind City Hall during declared on-street parking ban events. A map is available here.   

The City encourages residents to sign up for VT Alerts to receive phone calls, emails or text messages when a winter parking ban is declared.  Please visit to sign up and choose your preferred notification method.  Step by step instructions on signing up for VT Alerts notifications are available here.  Additionally, residents will be notified of Parking Bans via Front Porch Forum, the City’s website, and Facebook page.  A recorded message will also be available by calling (802) 262-6200.  

Due to the narrowness of these streets or the operational requirements of Public Works, overnight Winter Parking is ALWAYS Prohibited on the following streets from November 15th - April 1st:

  • Those portions of Memorial Drive, Northfield Street and Berlin Street lying within the radius of one hundred feet from the point of intersection of said streets
  • Baldwin Street for its entire length
  • Cedar Street for its entire length
  • Chapman Road for its entire length
  • Charles Street for its entire length
  • Cherry Avenue for its entire length
  • Cliff Street for its entire length
  • Court  Street between its intersection with Elm Street and the intersection with Governor Aiken Avenue
  • Downing Street for its entire length
  • East State Street on its northerly side from Main Street to Cedar Street and on its southerly side from 89 East State Street to West Street
  • Elm Street on both sides from State Street to Spring Street
  • Langdon Street on both sides for its entire length
  • Liberty Street from Main to Hubbard
  • Nelson Street for its entire length
  • Pleasantview Street for its entire length
  • Prospect Street except on the southerly side beginning at a point 200 feet easterly of the intersection with Cherry Avenue and proceeding easterly a distance of 325 feet.  Said area is from #35 Prospect Street to #51 Prospect Street, and both sides of street between Northfield and School Ave. 
  • School Street on both sides between Elm Street and Main Street
  • School Street from the intersection of School and Main Streets easterly to the intersection with Loomis Street
  • Spring Street on both sides from its intersection with Elm Street easterly to its intersection with Keck Circle
  • Taylor Street on both sides from State Street to Taylor Street Bridge
Winter Parking Flyer