Blanchard Park

Located on a hill of clay overlooking downtown Montpelier, Blanchard Park offers a unique view of the city and a small playground built from rustic natural materials. It can be accessed from Wilder Street, where a flight of stone steps leads up the hillside into the park. In addition to woods and unique birds-eye views, the park has a couple of benches. (The map below is adapted from Google Maps.)

In December  2021, the Parks Commission adopted a new management plan for Blanchard Park (view the plan as a Google doc, or download the .pdf version). This plan will guide the use and management of the park for the next five to ten years. It was created based on input from the public that was collected via community survey, a site visit, and several public meetings held by the Parks Commission. 

Below are some of the volunteers who helped to build the stone steps that enter the park from Wilder Street. Thank you!

Blanchard Park Entrance - 1
The trail leading up into Blanchard Park from Wilder Street.
Blanchard Park wood steps - 1