Summer Street Park

Summer Street Park is located on Summer Street, just below the Parkway Street entrance to Hubbard Park. It is a wooded little park where people gather or occasionally hold local events. It's a great place for families and children to play games, jump in piles of leaves, and enjoy the copious shade. It's also an ideal spot to just stop and rest, reflect, eat lunch, read, or relax. (Top photo by Google Maps. The map below is also adapted from Google Maps.)

Summer Street Park is one of Montpelier's oldest parks. It was donated at the same time as Hubbard Park by John Erastus Hubbard, in 1899.

Park Rules

  • No smoking (as in all Montpelier Parks)
  • No fires
  • Please, no team sports for people over 11 years old

Summer Street Park - 1