Sunflower Literary Magazine

sunflower is the literary magazine of the Montpelier Senior Activity Center, showcasing the work of many of our more than 1,100 talented members. 

2020sunflowerword thumbnailsunflower 2020MSAC’s literary magazine, is an online issue this year with 25 prose and poetry selections written by 17 MSAC members. The issue encompasses a broad range of creativity including topics such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, doing a jigsaw puzzle, traveling to England, playing tennis, nuances of fruitcake, questions concerning racism, navigating and reflecting on the pandemic, and more.

Pam Kelly-Kinniburgh’s essay begins: “There was a time when the world flew away. I don’t know the exact time or even the day. Seemingly overnight the world changed, even in our quiet little hamlet far off the beaten track.”

A new dimension to the publication of sunflower this year is collaboration with Montpelier High School’s Community Based Learning program. We were fortunate to work with student Noam Hessler, who provided layout and technology assistance.

The 2020 issue is dedicated in gratitude to our amazing MSAC staff and volunteers whose resilience, fortitude and loving effort have kept our Center vibrantly alive in spite of the many challenges brought on by these unprecedented times. The editorial staff of sunflower 2020 includes Maggie Thompson, Jane E. Bryant, Mary Carlson, Barbara Dall, and Leslie Parr.

We invite you to settle into a comfy chair, perhaps with a steaming mug of coffee, cocoa or tea, and enjoy the writings found in sunflower. A perfect companion to a winter’s day!

Click here to read our 2020 issue!

Below are links to read the 2016, 2017 and 2019 issues of sunflower, and hard copies of the 2019 issue are still available upon request to the office!