Stormwater Utility

What is a Stormwater Utility?

A stormwater utility is a dedicated funding mechanism to pay for a community’s stormwater management program. The revenue generated for the utility's fee supports stormwater-related services and improvements. City Council identified this in the FY23 strategic plan.

Why Is the City Considering a Stormwater Utility?

The City already pays for stormwater management now. A stormwater utility provides a more transparent and adaptable way to fund stormwater management. The usage of stormwater services are not necessarily well-correlated with property values, meaning, most stormwater utility fees are based on the impervious area of properties (e.g., a surface that generates lots of runoff like rooftops, parking lots and driveways).

What Benefits Will a Stormwater Utility Bring to Montpelier?

A stormwater utility will allow the City to plan for the timely replacement of aging stormwater infrastructure. Similarly, a dedicated fund of revenue will allow for more proactive operations and maintenance of stormwater infrastructure and help ensure proper staffing levels. It will also ensure Montpelier is in compliance with increasing regulatory/permitting requirements.

What Functions Will the Utility Support?

  • Capital improvements
  • Street Sweeping
  • Catch-basin cleaning
  • Green infrastructure
  • Permit compliance (Municipal Roads General Permit)
  • Water quality improvement and protection of water resources
  • Flood mitigation projects