City Parking

*Holiday Parking*

December 14-24

Happy Holidays!

For longer term parking, please visit the parking lots with kiosks for payment

All downtown meters offer free 2-hour parking

Interactive Downtown Public Parking Map
Downtown Public Parking Map (PDF)

Parking Rates

Parking fees are charged from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  There are no fees on evenings, weekends and legal holidays.

  • On-Street metered parking spaces: $1.00/hour (2 hour limit)
  • City Public Parking Lots (except Stonecutter's): $0.75 per hour (all day, no time minimum)
  • Stonecutter's Way Parking Lot: $0.50 per hour (all day, no time minimum)

If your car is parked at an on-street metered space longer than 2 hours, a ticket will be issued.  

Most metered parking spaces accept credit/debit, although there is a $2.00 minimum/maximum.