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Thanks for visiting the 2019 Annual City Meeting Voter Guide! (Click here for sample ballot)

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If you are a candidate for any office appearing on the city ballot, you may send a picture and a statement of any size (via email only) to the City Clerk at

If you would like to contribute a commentary on a ballot article, you may also send that (via email only) to the City Clerk at Please note that commentaries are subject to the following conditions:

 • Writer must be identified (no anonymous submissions), and must be a registered Montpelier voter.

 • No insulting, demeaning or derogatory content or messages.

 • A commentary must be a standalone opinion on a ballot article, not a response to another citizen commentary.

 • Only one commentary per person per ballot article.

 • Email submissions must include voter's full name, the ballot article the piece is in reference to, and state explicitly whether the piece is advocating for a "yes" vote or a "no" vote.

 • Commentaries will not be accepted for candidates (Articles 1 - 3)