Building and Zoning Permits

DoZoning Info I need a Zoning Permit?

All land development in the city of Montpelier requires a zoning permit, unless specifically exempted. Land development means constructing, installing, demolishing, reconstructing, converting, structurally altering, relocating or enlarging any structure; mining, excavating, filling or grading land; changing or extending the use of land or a structure; adjusting or relocating the boundary between two parcels; or dividing a parcel into two or more lots. The Montpelier Unified Development Regulations constitutes the city's Zoning and Subdivision Regulations and are the regulations that implement the policies of the Montpelier Master Plan and the Vermont Planning and Development Act.

You will need a Building Permit for...

  • For new construction, alterations, renovations, additions, or demolition of buildings
  • Fit up for a New Tenant
  • Whenever new equipment is installed in a building
    • Example: installation of a new boiler
    • Example: installation of new fire protection systems
  • Whenever a building changes uses
    • Example: a business office becomes a mercantile
    • Example: a single family, owner occupied home becomes a rental
  • Whenever a place of assembly, which holds more than 50 people, changes ownership or increases the occupant load
  • For the erection of a temporary structure for public use such as a tent over 1200 square feet, grandstands, or bleachers
  • Conducting a hazardous process such as flammable liquid spraying, explosives storage and manufacturing, and flammable liquid storage.

This list is not all inclusive. Please contact the Montpelier Building Inspector for a determination if your specific project requires a permit.

Find Zoning and Building Permits here

Canoers on Main Street during floodingIs my property in a Floodplain?

If you live along or near the Winooski, North Branch, Dog, or Steven’s Branch Rivers or other water course, or if your property is in or near the downtown, your property may be in a floodplain. Development of any kind within the floodplain requires a permit from the City. For more information please go here.

Is my property in a historic or design review district?

The City of Montpelier has the largest Historic District in the State of Vermont. If you are considering a project, please check with the Planning Department to see if your project will need Design Review approval.