Garbage and Recycling

Montpelier Stump Dump

The following rules and regulations will apply to all individuals using the City of Montpelier Stump Dump

  1. Hours of operation will be from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday.
  2. All material must originate from within City Limits of the City of Montpelier.
  3. Only brush, stumps, leaves, lawn clipping, dirt, concrete that is free of metals, brick, blocks etc. will be accepted upon inspection.
  4. All materials will be loaded and presented at the Public Works Garage on Dog River Rd. for inspection before the permit is issued. 
  5. All users of the Stump Dump should take care so not to scatter debris along the highways leading to the Dump.
  6. Upon request by a representative of the City of Montpelier, or The State of Vermont, the permit holder MUST present her/his permit upon entering the dump area.
  7. Any person caught dumping unacceptable material will be required to remove the material at their expense. 
  8. Any material brought to the dump in bags, MUST be dumped from the bags, the bags MUST be removed from the area.
  9. The permit holder will follow any supplemental instructions given by the Public Works personnel at the Garage, or at the Dump area.
  • EXCEPTIONS: Arrangements may be made for the extended use of a key or code if a special project is planned. Supplemental information may be requested on the application form as well as additional regulations. In any case, the permit holder will still have the ultimate responsibility for the proper use of the Dump area.