Israel/Palestine Film Series

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Mondays, February 12-March 19, 6:30-9pm

MSAC member Kathy Shapiro and Mark Hage screened six films dealing with the history of the State of Israel and the occupation of Palestinian territory (West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights) that continues to the present time. Films were a mix of documentaries and dramas with a short introduction prior and discussion following. The objective was to increase awareness of the history that has led to the current situation, and to provide space for civil and respectful discussion of multiple viewpoints.  All events were free and open to the public. Donations to MSAC are appreciated. No advance registration was required.

A longer introduction to the film series, including backgrounds for Kathy and Mark, is also available in the office and online. They both are activists with Vermonters for Justice in Palestine (  

Note from MSAC Director: Our staff, Advisory Council and Program Committee recognize Israel/Palestine issues as controversial, timely, important topics. Co-sponsoring and hosting this series was not to imply endorsement of any particular position on the part of MSAC staff, the MSAC Program Committee or the City of Montpelier. Our program policy includes the following: “programming decisions should be made to support healthy community dialogue, and reasonable efforts should be made to include multiple viewpoints in the same program or a program series.”

To be involved in future planning or to offer ideas for programming that presents other perspectives on these issues in the future, please contact Janna Clar or a member of the MSAC Program Committee.