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City of Montpelier Boards & Commissions Application

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    Please use this form to express your interest in serving on a particular board/committee or commission. For information on our boards and committees, please visit The Montpelier City Council makes appointments to board/committees at their regular meetings as vacancies occur. Completed applications are public documents and are subject to the Vermont Public Records Act. The city has a stipend program of $50.00 per committee meeting , more information can be found here

  3. The Montpelier City Council is committed to seeking diversity on all boards, committees and commissions, including but not limited to geographic, racial, gender, cultural, age, socio economic diversity. Montpelier residency for applicants is preferred but not required.
    *Applications must be received the Friday prior to the scheduled council meeting to be considered by the City Council for appointment.
  4. Are you a resident of the City of Montpelier?
  5. Please answer each question in as much detail as possible.
  6. Are you involved in any personal, professional or business pursuit that would affect your ability to make fair and impartial recommendations as a member of a City advisory board or committee? *
  7. Do you have any pending litigation against the City?*
    By checking this box, I acknowledge that regular attendance (not missing more than 3 consecutive meetings or 1/3 of all meetings), active participation and contribution to the group’s goals and mission, as well as adherence to open meeting laws and public record laws are requirements of me as a committee member. I acknowledge that if I do not meet the requirements stated above, that my appointment may be reconsidered.
  9. Thank you for your interest in serving the City of Montpelier as a volunteer board or committee member. Your willingness to serve is greatly appreciated.
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