With the state paving scheduled for the fall, will the City’s reconstruction project meet up with the State project in the fall?
No, the two projects will not join together in the fall. They will however join together in the spring of 2018 when the State of Vermont’s paving contractor finishes up their contract. Paving for Northfield Street will be done in two layers. The first layer of pavement will be done in the fall of 2017. In 2018, VTrans (the State) will return to apply the 2nd course of pavement to Northfield Street. At the same time, they will cold plane off the existing pavement at the Memorial Drive Intersection and pave up to the where they had left off in 2017. Cold planing essentially grinds off the top of the existing uneven surface and leaves a solid base for new pavement to be placed on top.

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1. What is being done during this project?
2. With the state paving scheduled for the fall, will the City’s reconstruction project meet up with the State project in the fall?
3. Can you elaborate on the two different layers of pavement?
4. Are both paving projects being done by the State?
5. What does a typical road look like now, what will it look like after reconstruction? Width of travel lane?
6. How wide will the sidewalk be?
7. What are the driving detours?
8. How will traffic be managed?
9. How will property owners be able to reach their homes?
10. Will clients be able to access parking on my property?
11. Can there be on-demand lights notifying drivers that there are pedestrians at the crosswalk?
12. From what time to what time, and how many days a week will the reconstruction take place?
13. How will traffic be affected on Derby Drive?
14. What about the big, heavy trucks? Will those go on Derby drive?
15. How much is the bike lane costing the city? Will it be on both sides of the street?
16. Explain temporary water line.
17. How will water pressure be affected? Will the new system’s pressure make the old pipes at Independence Green/Colonial Drive burst?
18. Will we be without water service? For how long?
19. While we’re doing this project, can we put utility/power lines underground?
20. Why can’t we put conduits underground so that we can put the power lines underground in the future?
21. What will the pedestrian route look like?
22. Will the pedestrian detour be far from Northfield Street?
23. What will be done about stormwater management/treatment?
24. Are there any eminent domain issues?
25. The current sidewalk has been eaten up by vegetation, what will be done to prevent it from happening this time?
26. The slope near the T.W. Wood house is causing rocks and debris to go onto the road/sidewalk. What will be done about this? Retaining wall?
27. Where will the crosswalks be?
28. When will there be a sidewalk extending to Freedom Drive?
29. Will any trees be removed? Pine tree by crosswalk?
30. How high are the retaining walls? What are they made of?
31. Gravel and rock from driveways spill down Northfield Street to Prospect Street during storm events. What can be done about this?
32. Where will the staging area be?
33. Already, it’s difficult to drive up/down Northfield Street during winter storm, what will we do with the narrower roads?
34. Why are we using concrete on some stretches of sidewalk, and asphalt on other?
35. Will we be reusing granite curbing?
36. How will we receive communication?