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  1. Business license

    Enter information to receive your business license. When complete, you will be forwarded to the payment process.

  2. Early/absentee ballot request form

    Request an early ballot to be delivered to you (please note that ballots are automatically mailed out to everyone for the November... More…

  1. Dog License

Community Services

  1. Facility Reservation Request

    Please fill out this form to reserve a Montpelier Parks Facility. Please be aware that last minute reservations may not be possible. A... More…

Montpelier Community Fund Board

  1. Montpelier Community Fund FY25 (July 2024 - June 2025 )

    Deadline for submission: Friday, April 19, 2024 by 5:00 PM


  1. Parking Ticket Appeal

    Parking Ticket Appeal Form. All Appeal Decisions are Final.

Parks Forms

  1. Group Permission Form for groups numbering over 100

    The goal of this form is to guide appropriate uses in the parks for large groups. The Parks Commission seeks to minimize impacts and... More…

  2. Parks Commission Agenda Item

    Please complete the following form and attach supporting documents to be considered for the Parks Commission Agenda. The agenda is... More…

  1. Incident Report Form

    Fill this form out to report any incident in any of the parks in Montpelier. Please note that this form may be subject to a public... More…

  2. Shelter Reservation Request

    Please fill out this form to reserve either the New Shelter or the Old Shelter/Stage area. Note that the Old Shelter and Stage come as... More…

Participate Forms

  1. Affiliate Request Form

    The city is considering an option where you can pay a subscription fee to use the city web architecture to create and edit your own web... More…

  2. Suggestion Form

    You may use the form to send us a suggestion.

  1. Request Calendar Event Form