MSAC at Home

MSAC at Home strives to provide support and services that empower older adults to age safely and successfully in their homes. We believe MSAC at Home represents a natural extension of MSAC's mission to positively impact the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of older adults. Based on the national Village Model, our goal is to provide services that enable older adults to remain active, socially connected, and independent in their homes and communities for as long as they are able and choose to do so. We believe our community is strongest when older adults can remain a part of it, and MSAC at Home is one way to help accomplish this goal. Learn more about MSAC at Home and ways to get involved below!

MSAC at Home Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What services does MSAC at Home currently offer?
A: During this current pilot phase, the following services are offered: 

  1. Basic technology assistance, including Zoom training; 
  2. Check-in wellness phone calls;
  3. Outdoor chore assistance (e.g., raking, wood stacking, light garden assistance, yard cleanup, etc.);
  4. Indoor task assistance, to include air conditioner installation, changing screen/storm windows, changing smoke alarm batteries and light bulbs, lifting or moving heavy items (within the same household), taking out the trash and recycling;
  5. Home evaluations for falls risk prevention performed by a licensed Occupational Therapist

Q: How much does MSAC at Home cost?
A: Under the pilot phase, all MSAC at Home services are offered by donation. While there is no charge for the services, donations are gratefully accepted.

Q: Who is eligible to receive MSAC at Home services?
A: Anyone age 50+ who is a resident of Montpelier or a supporting town (Berlin, Calais, East Montpelier, Middlesex, Moretown, Worcester). Exceptions: During the current pilot phase, home-based services (e.g., outdoor chore assistance) are limited to Montpelier residents only.

Q: How do I request MSAC at Home services?
A: Contact MSAC's Aging in Place Coordinator Andrew Gribbin at or 802-262-6287 to discuss your request for services.

Q: How are the services offered?
A: Vetted and trained volunteers fulfill all MSAC at Home requests. MSAC's Aging in Place Coordinator Andrew Gribbin also assists. 

Q: How can I volunteer with MSAC at Home?
A: Please contact MSAC's Aging in Place Coordinator Andrew Gribbin at or 802-262-6287. Volunteers are the heart and soul of MSAC at Home and we greatly appreciate any amount of time you can provide for this important service.

Q: Are there plans for additional services to be offered through MSAC at Home?
A: Yes, we hope to expand services to include handyperson assistance, technology device lending and training, referrals to screened tradespeople, connecting activity buddies, and more, depending on community buy-in and volunteer engagement. 

Q: Why are certain MSAC at Home services limited to Montpelier residents?
A: MSAC at Home is a new and evolving initiative. We are limiting home-based services to Montpelier residents as we strive to build up our volunteer base and learn from our experience. We hope to expand all MSAC at Home offerings to all of our supporting towns in the future, based on volunteer recruitment and engagement. 

Q: Do I need to own a home to receive MSAC at Home services?
A: No, MSAC at Home services are offered to individuals regardless of if they own, rent, or have any other living arrangement for their house, apartment, or condo. 

Q: Do I need to be a member of MSAC to receive services?
A: While not a requirement to receive the current services being offered, we encourage you to consider becoming a member in order to directly support all the valuable offerings MSAC provides. Additionally, some services, such as the technology device lending program, will be limited to members only. More information on member benefits can be found here.

Q: How do you verify volunteers?
A: All volunteers have successfully passed background checks, signed confidentiality statements, had their references checked, and oriented to the work they will be performing prior to being accepted as an MSAC at Home volunteer.

Q: How do I donate to this service?
A: Mail a check (made out to MSAC) to 58 Barre Street in Montpelier or drop-off payment to MSAC by using the drop box in the side entrance of the building.

Have other questions or want to get involved with MSAC at Home? Contact Aging in Place Coordinator Andrew Gribbin at or by calling 802-262-6287. 

Want More Background Information?

You can check out more information regarding MSAC at Home's journey and development by reading this March 2021 Bridge newspaper article or this Summer 2021 Times Argus article (article is on page 4). 

Additionally, you may view the below video recording of the December 2020 community presentation that was given by Montpelier Village Work Group members Andrea Stander, Erica Garfin, Jeanne Kern, Mike Harris, and Polly Nichol, in addition to MSAC team members Janna Clar and Andrew Gribbin. 

Note: If you prefer to skip to specific sections of the video, please use the following video time markers to do so: 

0:00 to 9:02 - Welcome and Introduction

9:03 to 19:49 - Village Model Background

19:50 to 33:16 - MSAC and the Village

33:17 to 42:24 - Initial Steps Taken

42:25 to End - Questions and Answers