Expand Hubbard Park

Hubbard Park Stone Tower

Thanks for helping expand Montpelier's beloved Hubbard Park; now you can help with expenses to start managing the new parcels!

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Latest update

With community help, Montpelier has just added two large properties northwest of the Park this month. All donations to the Parks Department to support this and related efforts are tax deductible, just like a donation to a 501(c)3. 

We issued a new press release Monday, December 13, 2021, to announce that with the generous support of Union Mutual and over 200 community members, we reached our 2021 goal of $138K to complete funding for the land acquisition! 

Since then, we raised even more and are now seeking an additional $38K in support for post-purchase aspects of bringing the new parcels into Park management (including trail work, kiosks and benches). 

Here's how you can give:

We raised more than $450,000 in federal, state, and community grants, and, since October 2021, over $160,000 in individual donations and pledges, plus hundreds of people who walked and ran a trail on the new land sponsored by an anonymous donor who gave $100 for each of them!

 We just need an additional $38k to meet our goals for early management of the new land.  

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